Cell Phone Use at Work $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: Due to the prevalence of personal mobile phones in today's workplaces, many organizations struggle with reducing the amount of time employees spend on their mobile devices. According to the National Labor Relations Act, (NLRA), employees have a presumptive right, in most instances, to use personal phones during breaks and other non- working times. Employers are adding cell phone use guidelines to their policies to address how their employees should interact with devices while at work. This study will discuss how to create a cell phone use policy, how to enforce the policy, and the 3-step disciplinary action for violations of the policy. In addition, the training will cover the positive and negative impact these devices have on the workplace, cell phone etiquette, and leadership’s role in policy compliance. Topics Covered: Positive Impact, The Negative Impact, Cell Phone Policy, Follow the Leader, Enforce the Cell Phone Policy, and Disciplinary Action.

Codes of Conduct $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: Codes of conduct are legal documents that specify acceptable behaviors of individuals in an organization. In this training, we will discuss what information should be covered in a company’s code of conduct, how it strengthens the company’s culture, improves employee engagement, and demonstrates the core values and mission of the company. You will also learn the difference between a code of conduct document, and a code of ethics document. Topics: Code of Conduct versus Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Contents of the Code of Conduct Document, Tips for Creating an Employee Code of Conduct, and Keeping Your Code Relevant.

Conflict Resolution, Management and Transformation $19.95 Enroll Here

Description and Topics Covered: Any healthy relationship will have conflict. People more than likely, will not agree on everything all the time. The skills you will learn in this study, will enable you not to fear or avoid conflict, rather, you will be able to resolve the conflict in a healthy way, whether it is at home, school, or at work. If the conflict is not handled properly, it can cause great harm to relationships, but if the conflict is handled respectfully and positively, the conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the connection between two people. You will learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthier way, and that will allow you to have stronger, more rewarding relationships in your marriage, at home, and at work. Topics: Defining Conflict, Stop Conflict Before It Begins, Responding to Conflict, Unhealthy Responses to Conflict, What is Conflict Management?, What is Conflict Resolution, Management and Transformation?, Types of Conflict, Internal Conflicts, Getting Perspective, Seek Agreement, Develop an Action Plan, When to Include Outside Help.

Crisis Intervention $19.95 Enroll Here
Understanding Your Co-Workers $19.95 Enroll Here

(Me, Myself and You).

Description: Upon completion of Me, Myself and You, you will have a basic knowledge understanding some of your co-workers’ temperaments. Studying these four temperaments will equip you to understand people and manage your work, social and personal relationships better. You will learn your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of other temperaments. You will learn how to identify an individual’s temperament, how to communicate with, understand what motivates, angers, incites fear, and how to respond and bring out the best of everyone in most situations. Lastly, you will find that you understand some decisions that have been made by each type by knowing the greatest fear of each one.

Time Management $19.95 Enroll Here
Workplace Harassment $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: Harassment in the workplace has a long, long history – not just in America, but throughout the civilized world, from ancient history to the present. Harassment today looks very different than it did in earlier years. In these modern times, the scope and definition of harassment has broadened, and any incident of harassment is taken very seriously, and can have legal consequences. This study will present a brief history of harassment in America, the different types of harassment, and what it looks like in the workplace. You will learn how to recognize, report and prevent workplace harassment. Additionally, you will learn what is and what is not harassment, the time limits you have to report harassment, and the employer's liability for harassment.

Topics Covered: Defining Harassment, Brief History of Harassment, Two Types of Unlawful Harassment, Prevalence, Why Does it Happen?, Is it Preventable?, What it Looks Like, Hostile Work Environment Harassment, Age-Based Harassment, Cyberbullying Harassment, Disability-Based Harassment, Gender and Gender Identity Harassment, Personal Harassment, Physical Harassment, Power Harassment, Psychological Harassment, Racial Harassment, Religious Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation Harassment, Third Party Harassment, Verbal Harassment, Warning Signs of Harassment, Time Limits for Reporting Harassment, Preventing Harassment, and Employer Liability.

Workplace Safety $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: There are few things more important in the workplace than employee safety. This study will examine ways an individual can take charge of their personal safety in the workplace. You will learn how to be prepared for a fire hazard, as well as the safety guidelines you should follow if you operate, or are near, tools and/or machinery. Many jobs require lifting and/or climbing, so we will discuss tips that are helpful when that is part of your job duties. You will learn how to organize an internal employee-driven safety team, understand safety analysis, learn about safety incentives, and know the characteristics of a “Safety First” organization. We will go over the value of employees as safety managers and committee members, and workplace violence as a safety issue. From general safety precautions to action items, we will cover safety in the workplace in a logical and understandable way, so you will be prepared to stay safe as you work, and, perhaps, help others to be safe as well.

Topics Covered: Safety Managers and Committees, Outside Safety Analysis, Safety Incentives, Basic Precautions, Personal Behaviors, Safety as a Team Effort, Lifting and Climbing Safety, Tools and Machinery, Fire Hazards, Proper Gear, Action Items, and Workplace Violence as a Safety Issue.

Teamwork $19.95 Enroll Here

Topics Covered: Efficient teamwork, Establish Trust and Respect, Create Reliability, Strengthen Positive Communication, Defining Purpose, Determine the Goals, Set Expectations, Monitor and Review, Celebrate and Reward, When Teams Work Remotely, Teams Self-Monitor, Teams Innovate Faster, Teammates Learn from Each Other, Teamwork Can Create Healthy Competition, Teamwork Promotes Strong Working Relationships, Avoid Strange Team Building Exercises.