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provides confidential and flexible intervention educational programs to assist employees in resolving personal problems. The programs are open and available to employees and their immediately families.

EAP Plans

We can integrate our online training programs with your EAP Services to help your clients and employees with on and off-the-job struggles. With our programs and your services, we can address concerns urgently and competently.

Partner with us and receive best practices, and research-informed programs. We have developed over 100 hours of comprehensive courses to help employees on a wide range of topics. Our programs include in-depth information, expansive content, detailed quizzes, and the highest level of security in the industry.

A growing number of EAP Providers and employers are now turning to the latest online technology and training their employees in an interactive way. Online training is more economical in both time and money than traditional in-person training.

We are a leading provider of audio-based online ‘cognitive behavioral training’ courses for improving health and productivity. By providing awareness and education our programs can help reduce risk. Employee Solutions Online seamlessly creates an environment for learning using the latest technology and top training methods.

No time to prepare or deliver your training? We can help! With Employee Solutions Online your employees can start taking essential training courses 24/7, from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

EAP Providers can now provide online educational classes on subjects that cover: financial management, co-parenting issues, raising children, blended families, substance use and abuse, workplace conflicts, anger management, driver safety, decision making, time management, food safety, and more.