Plans and Pricing

Training Designed to Help Small Businesses Simple Plans and Pricing

Bulk Pricing Includes: Admin Account

Simple Pricing and Plans All trainings: $19.95 each

*Bulk Purchase 200 or more trainings for Admin Account

Call us at: 830-372-4555 for more information or send an email to Katherine Law:

If you choose to bulk purchase trainings (keys) you will receive an Admin Access which allows you to have access to your employee’s trainings and account.

  • Here are some of the awesome perks of bulk purchasing!
  • Training keys don’t expire and can be used for any of the trainings offered on the site:
  • Includes an EAP Case manager account to access employee’s complete digital footprint
  • Access to employee training files in real time (check status, grades, incomplete, completed, etc)
  • Ability to download the certificate of completion and transcript
  • Enrollment notifications emailed to account managers
  • Certificate of Completion emailed to account manager and employee
  • Trainings have full audio
  • Employee training details saved for 2 years