Drive Smart, Be Safe: Driving Defensively $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: packed with useful information that you can put into practice immediately, including Sharing the Road with Big Trucks, Driving Defensively and Dangers of the Road, Aggressive driving, Road dangers and driving under the influence.

Drive Smart, Be Safe - Vehicle Safety $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: This class will cover the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, mirrors and seatbelts.

Drive Smart, Be Safe - City Driving and Highway Driving $19.95 Enroll Here

Description: Driving in a city can be challenging. Learn how to tackle the concrete jungle with greater confidence. Included in this training: How to maintain a proper following distance, the safest way to change lanes and make turns at intersections, Highway driving and city driving Reducing driver distractions such as eating, smoking and cell phone use, and Traffic signs and road markings. Freeway driving is an essential part of driving. This training will discuss being aware of your surroundings along with Dangers of Driving Under the Influence.